About Vennote Technologies

Vennote Technologies Limited is a well established ICT company with experience spanning over two decades in enterprise solutions using best of breed products in very large IT deployments around the world. Vennote Technologies Limited has certified Skilled Technical resources delivering world class implementation and support services through the use of best practices. Our alliances cuts across the dominant technology companies world wide with which we use in providing word class End –to- End solutions to our esteemed clients.

Too many organisations appear to confuse innovation with creative ideas. The key point is that innovation must create business value – ideas in themselves do not do this. Creativity and inventiveness that are not effectively optimised will add nothing to the bottom line. At Vennote we are very clear about what innovation truly means and about how we enable our clients to ensure that it becomes part of their company DNA. There are three ways through which we are able to help our customers innovate. Vennote can support, facilitate or advise on the innovation process; create value via the use of technology and assist in scoping out the short, medium and long-term landscape, to mitigate and share risk.

At Vennote Technologies we strive to create the firm of the future.

We believe that bringing together people, technology and business is the way forward


Partnering with us offers significant advantages to our mutual customers, through innovative technology and thought leadership. As business technologists, we understand how to uncover the technology benefits and create the business value that our mutual customers are looking for. From systems integration to software development and IT infrastructure management – our comprehensive know-how and specific sector knowledge ensure we’re the single-source partner you can rely on.

Beneficial Innovation

Our technical expertise is backed by a strong engineering culture. This results in innovations that deliver measurable value to the clients, both in the public and private sector.

Transformation enabler

As a service company we have the proven ability to guide the successful transformation of our customers’ business processes and operations. Vennote stands for the highest level of reliability and long-term security.

A network of the best

With Vennote, customers receive IT services and solutions all in one – adapted to suit their specific requirements. The IT service provider’s experts rely not only on their own expertise, but also operate a comprehensive network with proven partners.

Trusted Advisor

We offer independent verification and validation, and infrastructure optimization to ensure alignment with your business imperatives. We work as a part of your team and an advocate for your business interests