Even though banking and insurance companies face distinct and different pressures, both must excel in building reputation and loyalty with their clients. Maximum efficiency of back office processes must liberate resource focused on serving increasingly sophisticated customers. Vennote supports financial services companies through times of rapid change, enabling innovative customer engagement and clinical operational efficiency.

Success in manufacturing, retail and service today hinges on the ability to join everything up across the value chain. Vennote Technologies knows how. We can help optimise operations at a single plant and drive actionable agility across the enterprise. Expertise in industry-specific production and innovation processes combines with skill in MES and PLM to deliver sustainable business value to our manufacturing, retail and services industry clients.

Doing more with less remains the dominant theme in public services, underpinning the need for new models of IT service provisioning. Application modernisation, secure cloud computing and shared ser-vices become pivotal in a sector in which cultural and process rather than technology change are often the biggest challenge. With its deep understanding of cultural diversity, Vennote is an active partner in process and technology to governments, health-care and transport service providers.

A strong, global industry focus backed-up by a comprehensive Go-to-Market approach

The essence of operational excellence at Vennote Technologies is delivering an end-to-end service across all industry sectors. One which integrates innovative solutions and best practices from our partners in a way that creates a real bond with our clients, such as through outsourcing or other engagement models, and ensures high value outcomes for their businesses both now and in the future.

Vennote has been delivering IT services across a number of sectors since our inception in 2010. We work across most sectors but have developed in-depth expertise in some specific markets. This means that in addition to having people who are technically excellent we also have consultants fully versed in the issues relevant to client sectors. The fact that Vennote fully understands the specific business processes of the companies we work with is a key factor enabling us to offer our services as a partner in the vital IT projects undertaken by any of these companies. The needs of the business must align with the IT, so market knowledge cannot be underestimated. The expertise and products offered on a sector basis are complemented by specialised centres of expertise offering skills in cross-sector areas and capable of providing state-of-the-art solutions to meet the requirements of any business activity.