Solution and Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Integration

System Design and Implementation

In any development process, be it Software or any other technology, the most important stage is Design. Without the Design Phase, you cannot proceed to the implementation or the testing phases. The same is the case with the System as well.

System Design is a vital step in the development of the system and provides the backbone to handle exceptional scenarios because it represents the business logic of software.

At Vennote Technologies, we believe that proper preparation and design prevents poor performance and an unpleasant experience. We are experts at sourcing, designing, and implementing end to end solutions that are most efficient and budget friendly for our clients.

Systems Integration

At Vennote Technologies, we work with our customers to enable business change and evolution through our complete range of business technology services and solutions – at the core is Systems Integration. Delivered through our local-global delivery model, we use a combination of new and existing assets.

Our Systems Integration services help our customers to:

  1. solve their unique business challenges through technology innovation using new technologies such as mobile and cloud adaptations
  2.  improve efficiency by becoming an agile business
  3. leverage their information ensuring it is valid, available and secure by using information management to develop or compose bespoke solutions
  4. optimize their development and delivery processes through software-development lifecycle consulting.

So, whether your business issue requires a single bespoke application or an enterprise-wide solution, Vennote has the capability and services to suit your needs – on premise, off premise or cross-premise.


Infrastructure and Cloud

While businesses recognize that cloud solutions are the future, they are more concerned with how they will alter their company in real time. Companies need to deliver products and services faster and safer, while making them safely available from anywhere.

Vennote Technologies provides a peace-of-mind experience via our bespoke cloud native application designs to meet every operational workflow need.

We design, deploy, and manage applications on reliable platforms with all the available tools. Organizations can leverage these services without having to face the complexity of building and maintaining the associated infrastructure.

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